Volume II Title

Choosing a title is difficult. The process becomes even more complex when deciding to reveal it to an audience. And yet here we are. The response I’ve received from readers concerning Fragments has been everything I could have hoped for. Now it’s time to give a little piece of the next chapter to eager readers.

For those of you who have followed Askon to the end of his journey in Volume I, you realize that this ending is really just a beginning. Some small few have even clicked the link at the end of the book, which leads to a little Easter egg: a page containing the title for Volume II and a link to the Barham Ink newsletter.

Today, I’m ready to share the second title with you all. Soon, Askon’s tale will continue in…

*The Elf and the Arrow: Alora’s Tear, Volume II*

With editing already in process, production will begin on *The Elf and the Arrow* as soon as we’ve sold enough copies of *Fragments* to cover the costs of services from my editor Zoë Markham and cover artist Isis Sousa.

If you’d like to help make *The Elf and the Arrow* a reality as soon as possible, first of all buy lots of copies of *Fragments*. As they say, they make wonderful holiday gifts! And if you’ve already been gracious enough to buy a copy, please share a link to the book on social media and leave a review on Amazon. These reviews help a great deal and are accepted even if you bought the book on BarhamInk.com, in person, or on one of the non-Amazon digital services.

Hopefully you’re all looking forward to *The Elf and the Arrow* as much as I am.

Thanks, as always, for all of your support.