Site Launch Day!

Hello, and welcome to the new site. I hope you like it. If I told you everything that went into its design, you'd probably run screaming for the hills out of boredom. So here's the gist.

Barham Ink is the publishing label for the Alora's Tear series and all of my future self-published works. Though many of you early visitors may know me from my site, Think Critical others have arrived for wholly different reasons—hopefully seeking out more information about the books!

I suppose that's as good a place to start as any. If you take a look at the navigation in the upper right, you'll see links to a number of bits of info concerning me, the book, and some other interesting topics. Now, perceptive readers will notice that some of the links are unavailable as of today. Well I can't give it all away at once can I? No. I can't. So those of you itching to read more will just have to wait. In the future there will be even more character bios, location details, an excerpt from the next book(!), and other goodies. I'd love it if you checked back every day, but since that seems somewhat unrealistic, you can subscribe to the RSS feed and it will update you any time something new appears on the site.

Enjoy the content, and if you're ever in Moscow on a farmer's market Saturday, remember to look up my brother Alex who generously provided many of the beautiful photos that help bring Vladvir to life here. His booth says "Lodgepole." Trust me, it's worth it.

Oh, don't forget to buy a book. Or, if you already have, use one of the sharing buttons below to tell someone about it. You might be surprised at what a huge difference that can make.

Thanks so much for visiting.
–Nathan Barham