Fragments Release Day!

With as little preamble and proverbial “ado” as possible, I’m proud to announce that Fragments: Alora’s Tear, Volume I is available for purchase today!

The easiest way to get a copy is the digital version for $3.99. I tried to keep it in the “cup of coffee” range, though I’ll admit that it’s a big cup:


Of course, you can purchase a paperback copy here at There’s just something about a physical copy. Here’s a look at one:


Click to enlarge...


And the full wrap cover design by Isis Sousa:


Click to enlarge...


The mass market paperback sales will start at some point in the near future. As soon as it appears in Amazon's system (and other retailers) there will be a post here.

Thanks again so much for all of your support. Every copy sold is one step closer to funding Volume II. Enjoy your reading, and remember to share the link, post to your friends, and leave a review or send me a note here or on Twitter.