Pre Order and Release Dates (Updated)

So far the response to the Fragments cover has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m happy that people like the artwork, and it appears that the cover will succeed in its number one job: helping the book make a terrific first impression. Since the cover reveal, by far the most common question I’ve heard is, “When can I buy it?”

Well, that day rapidly approaches. And as it turns out, the day is actually three important dates for the first volume in the Alora’s Tear series. To those looking just for the numbers, they’re at the bottom of the post; for everyone else, here’s a look into the publishing process.

When publishing a book on your own, one of the many details that need wrangling are the publishing channels for the book. A quick internet search will tell you that it’s easier than ever to finish a manuscript, create an Amazon publishing account, and let them do the rest. To a degree this is true, though this route holds many dangers to the uninitiated. Book design and quality are the chief gremlins, followed by limited distribution. Yes, Amazon is by far the biggest book retailer (in the US for certain, though other countries vary somewhat), and yes, most self-published authors generate the majority of their sales on Amazon. However, Amazon’s printing service is not known for its quality—or even its options. To get the book looking the way I wanted it, I needed something more robust. Unfortunately, this means that release becomes a bit more complicated. So about those three dates…

The three dates are Pre Order, Digital and Paperback Release, and Mass Market Paperback Release. The first is great as long as you aren’t an Amazon customer are an iBooks customer or buying directly from If you’d like to pre order Fragments you can do so digitally on iBooks (which is the digital version I personally prefer to all the others). For paperback pre order, is the place to do it. I’d love to offer pre orders from Amazon (Kindle or paperback), but they do not currently offer this option.

The second date, the Digital and Paperback Release, is a bit simpler. On release day, you should be able to purchase and receive any of the digital versions right away. Again, Amazon is the sticking point. Though they claim the title will be available right away, there is a screening process that may list the book sooner (or later) than the intended date by a small margin. iBooks, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble Nook go live immediately. The paperback will be available for sale right away on which—if this sort of thing enters your decision-making process—is the option which contributes the largest percentage of the sale price to the author.

Finally the third date, the Mass Market Paperback Release, is tied entirely to the screening and listing team at Amazon and other large physical book marketplaces. The date cannot be set in advance, only announced when the sales page goes live. So how does it all shake out?

I’m proud (ridiculously so) to announce that Fragments: Alora’s Tear, Volume I will be available on the following dates:

Pre Order: August 12th, 2014

iBooks and Paperback at

Digital and Paperback: August 18th, 2014

Kindle, iBooks, Kobo, Nook, and Paperback at

Mass Market Paperback: TBA

Amazon and other large physical book retailers