Volume III: Back Cover Text

As we draw ever nearer the official release of The Voice like Water, it is time to give away the final details for those who simply can’t wait until Tuesday. The most intrepid will have zoomed in on the paperback cover image to read the teaser text. So, today I’ll clarify that for everyone:

Death has descended on Vladvir…

The victory in Dalstone, and Askon’s ability to alter the flow of time, bring only temporary relief as Iramov’s forces—combined with those of King Codard—continue their march southward. Villages across the great plains smolder and smoke at the hands of the Lost.

However, not all the Norill are enemies. Brâghda and her army, now allied with Askon, John, and the Darts of Grafmark, fortify the forest’s last bastion against another attack.

For Death has descended on Vladvir.

With not an hour to waste, Askon and his friends follow the waters of the Grafdrek toward South City, where Lord Apopsé and Morrowmen hold the keys to the kingdom’s defense. It is here that Iramov’s pursuit and Askon’s flight must end—a final resistance against the darkness.

The fragments will gather. Vladvir’s greatest powers will meet. Askon’s questions will be answered. In the end, a story out of the distant past offers an old solution.

And Death is but one amongst five…