Volume III Release Day!

And here we are. The end of Askon’s first story is now available for purchase. Soon (some of you are incredibly fast readers) you’ll know all the secrets and all the surprises. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed creating them and bringing them to you.

The quickest way to get a copy is the digital version for $4.99. As with The Elf and the Arrow, I tried to keep it in the “coffee and a pastry” price range. It’s a much longer book than either Volume I or II, so at the very least, you’re getting more for your money.

I love this story and its characters. I hope you do too. Here are all the ways you can get a copy online:

Signed Paperback



As always, if our paths tend to cross, you can speak to me in person for a signed copy as well. Thanks, once again for making this dream of mine possible.

And rest assured, work continues apace on trilogy two. With all three volumes of the first story published and available, there’s no place else to go but where Askon and his friends (new and old) take us.