There is no magic in Vladvir...

Tucked away in a quiet valley, the community of Tolarenz offers a refuge and safe haven for its people, keeping persecution at bay. One young citizen—Askon son of Teral—is destined to lead them, but first he must leave them behind: one final mission, in service of the king.

In the north, leering nightmare creatures known as the Norill gather. Their armor is bone and skin; their weapons are black and crude and cold. They strike in the night, allies to the darkness. It is to them Askon marches, his men a bulwark against the threat.

For there is no magic in Vladvir.

What Askon finds when he arrives seems impossible: smoke and fire, death and defeat, and all around a suffocating sense of dread. The Norill seek something they call ‘the Stone of Mountain,’ but in the half-remembered stories from Askon’s childhood, it was always ‘Alora’s Tear’: a gem with powers great and terrible. A gem that cannot exist.

Unless there is magic in Vladvir…

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Darkness has awoken in Vladvir...

Down from the northern forests and into the plains, Norill raiding parties burn, and break, and kill; but their cruel weapons and black arrows do not strike alone. The border forts of Austgæta and Norogæta lie in ruins. With King Codard’s vanguard defeated, Vladvir’s defenses have fallen.

In the west Lord Iramov—once an ally to the kingdom, now a growing threat—amasses an army. He carries the Death fragment, a destructive piece of Alora’s Tear whose suffocating power brings only defeat and despair.

For darkness has awoken in Vladvir.

Armed with a fragment of his own, and first-hand knowledge of the devastation that Iramov and the Death fragment have wrought, Askon leaves Tolarenz behind to warn the king, alert his friends, and keep Vladvir’s people safe.

Dreams of powdered circles haunt his steps. The faces remind him of what has been lost. The voices remind him of what is at stake. To the South Kingdom they call him, where Morrowmen awaits.

And there is more than darkness to wake…

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Death has descended on Vladvir...

The victory in Dalstone, and Askon’s ability to alter the flow of time, bring only temporary relief as Iramov’s forces—combined with those of King Codard—continue their march southward. Villages across the great plains smolder and smoke at the hands of the Lost.

However, not all the Norill are enemies. Brâghda and her army, now allied with Askon, John, and the Darts of Grafmark, fortify the forest’s last bastion against another attack.

For Death has descended on Vladvir.

With not an hour to waste, Askon and his friends follow the waters of the Grafdrek toward South City, where Lord Apopsé and Morrowmen hold the keys to the kingdom’s defense. It is here that Iramov’s pursuit and Askon’s flight must end—a final resistance against the darkness.

The fragments will gather. Vladvir’s greatest powers will meet. Askon’s questions will be answered. In the end, a story out of the distant past offers an old solution.

And Death is but one amongst five…

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